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Long-term partnerships with global market leaders in their industries facilitate new ideas again and again. The origin of these notions emerges from the wide range of levels in the company, from the CEO to the factory workers.

AMARI has a high level of commitment to innovation and technology. In the in-house innovation centre, the employees are developing product solutions every day and driving progress in the entire industry. The pace of innovation is swift, in order to take full advantage of the possibilities of aluminium processing. Aluminium is a soft but equally robust metal that is easy to shape. It is resistant, durable and does not rust, which makes it suitable as a reliable construction material for individual construction projects.



Product development

Processes and innovations are constantly being driving forward in our in-house innovation centre. Whether customer order or in-house innovation: AMARI is the first port of call for design and development. From brainstorming through design to product launch, the engineers are continuously devising new developments and enhancements in aluminium.


Component development

AMARI is continuously developing new components to meet the requirements in the market. In-house designers produce simple components, complex special designs and certified welded structures. Here, AMARI especially values the individual support from the product managers on site.

We enhance the world. We enhance the world.We enhance the world. We enhance the world.


Economic and technical system development

At AMARI, systems are constantly undergoing economic and technical updating. Various IT programmes from all service areas make the everyday work processes easier. Installations and training for the programmes required can be requested at any time.


Innovation and technology

Aluminium – the key to progress. Its remarkable lightness, rigidity and corrosion-resistance are revolutionising industries such as aviation, technology and transport. It facilitates energy-saving innovations and sustainable design, pushes technological boundaries, and is shaping a future in which efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand.

Aluminium is shaping our future. From sustainable mobility to modern architecture, its lightness, strength and recyclability are shaping a world built on innovation, efficiency and environmental awareness.


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