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Ventilated facades


Façade ventilation facilitates constant air circulation between the façade and thermal insulation. This design keeps the thermal insulation dry and prevents a build-up of heat in the insulation. The ventilation space allows the water vapour from the moisture produced by the building and the occupants to escape in a controlled way and moreover ensures a healthy indoor climate. The interior temperature remains comfortable and barely fluctuates indoors, even in constant sunshine or icy cold. The optimally insulated building envelope ensures considerable energy savings. Depending on the structure of the ventilated curtain façade, additional soundproofing can be achieved with the aluminium composite sheets. ALUCOBOND® panels protect the façade from the weather, and maintenance costs can be reduced to a minimum. A broad variety of colours and surfaces and the option of combining a wide range of materials, surfaces, colours shapes and joints give the countless different designs a unique flavour.

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amadeus sliding elements

The slim, frameless glass sliding elements from amadeus make the house appear to float.


Flood protection

Efficient and innovative flood protection for private houses, commercial properties or built-up areas at risk.


Rolled and cast products

We offer many rolled and cast products from stock in various strengths and alloys.


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